Friday, 18 December 2009


When you are disappointed,your heart is full of sadness,your soul is full of grief and the smile can't stop on your lips.....I wish you HAPPINESS.When the despair knocks at your door and it will be very hard for you to stay calm,when it is very hard to tolerate others and you have the impression that you dive in your own fear....I wish you PATIENCE.When you are alone,when you miss love,when your heart wants to love without measure....I wish you LOVE.When you are confused and you can't trust ,when you see that what you want and hope is impossible ...I wish you FAITH.When you are sad and the pain from your heart shade your face,when your eyes can't see the beautiful things of life.....I wish you JOY.When you are excited and you can't sleep....I wish you PEACE.When the illness knocks at your door and you body is weak....I wish you HEALTH.When you feel that happiness turned its back,when love seems to be only a memory,when the treason and despair take the place of love....I wish you A NEW OCCASION.End when you got back the happiness and patience,when love is near you,faith is the "engine"of your life,when you have : Joy,Peace,Health and when life offers you New occasions,don't forget that all these are God's gift and the most suitable thing to thank is to share.God let us everything:Bad and Good.It depends on what you choose.If you choose BAD ,you will receive BAD;if you choose GOOD,you will receive good.When?It's a matter of time.

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