Thursday, 17 December 2009


You always have two possibilities to choose.If you have a sad day,I am here to show you how to see the best part of the things.
Someone has asked me one day:"How can you succeed to be so positive ?Nobody can be positive all the time."
In the morning,when I wake up,I say to myself:"Today I have two possibilities:I can choose to be on a bad mood and I can choose to be on a good mood."I always choose to be on a good mood..Sometimes,something wrong happens.I can choose to be the victim or I can choose to learn something from this.I always choose to learn.I always choose the good part of life.But it is not so easy.The most important thing in life is TO CHOOSE.When you remove all the mess,you realize that every situation is a choice.You have to decide how to react,you decide to be happy or to be sad.It's your own choice how you live your life.
When I stayed in hospital,I remembered that I had two choices:to live or to die.I have chosen:LIFE;I want to live.TREAT ME AS I AM ALIVE (I have said to the doctor ).
So,my dear friends:every day you have two choices:to be glad that you are alive,or to hate life.The thing that is always yours,and it can never be under control,is your attitude;in this way ,life becomes easier.
Now,you have two possibilities:
1.Read this blog(comment it)
2.Share it
I hope that you will choose both.

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