Wednesday, 16 December 2009


The violin in my heart is
Frozen on this winter and
I can hear only noise;no music.
And the lyric of my life is stolen.

My tender heart is aching and I am
Just like a last leaf in the Autumn
Tree,ready to fall on any day and
My mind is floating like a feather.

I am holding onto a falling branch
Of a huge tree and I don't know the
Depth,or the distance I have to travel
Or to jump to reach the Earth as it is

Too dark and cold down there
The wind is so strong and I am
Trembling like a little grass in rain
Still my dreams are flying up like a

Colourful kite which dances and
Plays with the angels in the sky
Is it hope leading my life?Or
Maybe,I am a hopeless daydreamer....

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