Wednesday, 16 December 2009


The wind was spreading nervously my hair,was patting my cheek,,my tanned skin.
Land and Sun!
And I,bare-footed,with my legs plunged deeply in the sand,was looking through the eyelashes the game of the rays of sunshine,was looking the blue of the sky,which,somewhere,somehow,was joined in an odd way the blue sea.
I hold the arms with joy and intemperate desire to the sky.I wanted to catch a cloud and on it,to wander about the reach,maybe,the Sun.But my arms descented disappointed and big and warm tears glittered in my eyes.The sky was too far away,and I,I was too little.
And look ! After that grey cloud,the witch was making a mock at me,showing her big teeth.
Further,on a small cloud The Prince Charming was waving friendly a hand,while his image was becoming tremulous,vague,losing painfully in the eternity.
I was looking surprisingly without understanding and the wanderer wind wiped me a tear,urging me to play.My steps were letting deep marks in the hot sand.My hands were making sand castles for beautiful fairies with blond hair and blue eyes like the sky and funny dwarfs with long beards.
The red eye of the Sun was rolling,there,up,reflecting itself in the sea.
I wanted to catch the Sun in the water,but the cold drops were enshrouding me and the Sun was disappearing.
Big tears were running again on my cheeks.
The last ray of sunshine kissed my cheeks and the smile came into sight in the red light of that summer evening.
The game was over.

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