Thursday, 17 December 2009


What does it mean to achieve yourself?It means to close the destiny.Like a circle.You are achieved,you can die.You reached the top,you won a battle.You can lie down on the victory's laurels.But,the failure means something else.You can hope,go on,take life from the beginning,try again.Every failure is good:you can tell it;in any defeating you can obtain a victory:to look into its eyes.
The old age is a destiny for each each of us.
Love and do what you want !
We don't know yet how much truth can a man suffer.What could the dose be,that it may not be fatal.How slowly the days and how quickly the years pass!
I am the woman with the least disappointments,because I avoided having hopes.I let others to fill their lives with disappointments.Only what we love is true.The rest is a lie !
I am feeling like in a tunnel.I am walking,therefore.
Two things which you don't share (maybe) with anybody else: the death and the waiting.
I have loved enough;I am resting now.I am too tired.
There,where a will exists,a way exists,too.
The beauty is temporary.
There is too much time for sadness.I don't know what is worse:to be sorry for what you have done or for what you haven't done yet?
Sometimes,one woman is enough to kill a man's desert.
How to be free,if you are alone?
The loneliness doesn't mean freedom,but slavery does.
We are free only if we are tied by a man or an idea.

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