Thursday, 17 December 2009


The man is the most distinguished being
The woman is the most sublime ideal
God made a throne for the man
And an altar for the woman
The throne exalts,the altar blesses
The man is the pencil
The woman is the heart
The brain creates the light
The heart creates Love.
The light fecundates
Love resurges.
Through reason,the man is strong
Through tears,the woman is invincible.
The reason convinces
The tears touch.
The man is capable for any heroism
The woman is capable for any sacrifice.
The heroism ennobles
The sacrifice brings the sublime
The man has the supremacy
The woman has the choice
The supremacy means the strength
The choice means the justice.
The man is a genius
The woman is an angel
The genius is immeasurable
The angel is ineffable.
Man’s aspiration is the glory
Woman’s aspiration is the virtue
The glory creates all is great
The virtue creates all is divine
The man is a code
The woman is the Bible.
The code corrects us
The Bible makes us perfect
The man is an eagle
The woman is a nightingale
The fly means to win the space
To sing means to win the soul.
The man is a temple.
The woman is a sanctuary
We uncover our heads in front of a temple
We kneel in front of a sanctuary
We find the man there,where the land ends.
We find the woman there where the sky begins.
This is a homage for women.
Because you brighten up men’s days
Because you give beauty
Because you find time to solve the problem
Because your soul knows what love is
How to give and how to receive
And because time stops for you at the beginning of Spring.

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